While budget, performance and aesthetics typically dictate choices, clients are rarely ready with their final choices and often need assistance and time to develop their ideal work space. Regardless of preferences or requirements, one ingredient remains the foundation upon which all decisions should be made: good design. Good design will maximize any investment you make in your new, refurbished or pre-owned office furniture.

The goal of effective work space design is to increase work efficiency by utilizing the allocated space for maximum productivity, while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for both end-users and stakeholders. The key, however, is the development of technical specifications and standards that are created before, or during, the beginning stages of the project, which establish the foundation for the entire project, as well as determine the overall quality of design.

Client Deliverables:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Scope of Work

  • Furniture & Accessories Specification & Standards

  • Budget